Monthly Review: March 2011.

It was quit busy three months for me and thing has changed a lot during the last three month.

First, we had a new hire, a full-time SDET, Ace Chen. He will be responsible for load testing and performance estimating on our platform product.

On the frontend side, Even and Michael are working hard to bring the frontend UI to market. We are approaching the final stage of design and implementation. You could expect to see the beta release in the coming two months.

A pricing and billing system is under-way too, we have surveyed few billing platform including Paypal WebPro, Recurly, Braintree, etc... and chose Chargify as our solution.

On the platform side, a lot of thing has changed. First, we switched our choice of cloud provider from Rackspace to Amazon beanstalk. The decision is based on our experience with operational support and reliability of Rackspace.

Also, the platform has written to adopt to the benefit of the Amazon offering. The cassandra cluster has been replaced by S3 and SimpleDb. Asynchronized event processing is brought to our platform with the help from Akka, Camel, and Amazon SQS.

During the load test, we already got some good numbers from the platform. We will start to build demo client applications soon.