Monthly Review: December 2010.

December is a quite interesting month for bluetangstudio.

We have hired our 1st (part-time) employer as a SDET. Also, we may have a new hire who will join bluetangstudio early next year.

Also, we have finalized the software architecture design and the customer facing API for our platform produce. At the mean time, we also finalized the web design. This is quit going well this year.

Being an entrepreneur is always an exciting thing on both good and bad side of life. One just can not expect what will happen in the next second. No matter what kind of difficulty is standing in front of you, you have to laugh at it and solve the situation.

Early this month, we lost one web designer contractor before of his tight schedule. In just few days, I met another excellent web designer, Even Wu. Even has designed few major websites in Taiwan, I can't wait to see what kind of product we will create together.