Blue Tang Studio is Hiring...

Blue Tang Studio is a newly founded startup focusing on location base service. We are building a search platform for mobile applications and web-applications. Currently, We are looking for experienced developers to create our framework product.

Required Qualifications:
* At least 4 years experience in Java and web development.
* Familiarity with JavaScript, jQuery and/or prototype.
* Experience with agile development methodologies.
* Good understanding of RESTful web-service, JSON, XML, JAXB,and JAX-RS.
* Prior experience with dependency injection frameworks, such as Spring or Guice.
* Proficient with Linux/Unix and open source tools/platforms
* Proficient in English

* Experience with search, using Lucene and/or SOLR.
* Experience with Tapestry 5.
* Familiarity with dynamic languages such as Ruby, Python, and Scala.
* Familiarity with web application architecture and deployment.
* Experience with Google App Engine or Amazon EC2 is beneficial.

Programming Challenge:
Without using any built in date or time functions, write a function or method that accepts two mandatory arguments. The first argument is a string of the format “[H]H:MM {AM|PM}” and the second argument is an integer. Assume the integer is the number of minutes to add to the string. The return value of the function should be a string of the same format as the first argument. For example AddMinutes(“9:13 AM”, 10) would return “9:23 AM”.

Work Condition:
* Office location: 臺北市大安區敦化南路1段245號11樓(敦南誠品樓上)
* Flexible work hour: You have to attend to 11am daily meeting and provide 8 hours of service.
* Labor and Health insurance.

Please send you resume, the source code, and your desired pay rate to to apply for this position.

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