Blue Tang Studio is Comming to Cloud.TW

The founder will present ZooKeeper at Cloud.TW meeting.
The information is available at

Blue Tang Studio is comming to TWJUG.

The founder of Blue Tang Studio will present Jersey, an JAX-RS framework, in TWJUG on November 2nd. The registration is available at

Blue Tang Studio is Hiring...

Blue Tang Studio is a newly founded startup focusing on location base service. We are building a search platform for mobile applications and web-applications. Currently, We are looking for experienced developers to create our framework product.

Required Qualifications:
* At least 4 years experience in Java and web development.
* Familiarity with JavaScript, jQuery and/or prototype.
* Experience with agile development methodologies.
* Good understanding of RESTful web-service, JSON, XML, JAXB,and JAX-RS.
* Prior experience with dependency injection frameworks, such as Spring or Guice.
* Proficient with Linux/Unix and open source tools/platforms
* Proficient in English

* Experience with search, using Lucene and/or SOLR.
* Experience with Tapestry 5.
* Familiarity with dynamic languages such as Ruby, Python, and Scala.
* Familiarity with web application architecture and deployment.
* Experience with Google App Engine or Amazon EC2 is beneficial.

Programming Challenge:
Without using any built in date or time functions, write a function or method that accepts two mandatory arguments. The first argument is a string of the format “[H]H:MM {AM|PM}” and the second argument is an integer. Assume the integer is the number of minutes to add to the string. The return value of the function should be a string of the same format as the first argument. For example AddMinutes(“9:13 AM”, 10) would return “9:23 AM”.

Work Condition:
* Office location: 臺北市大安區敦化南路1段245號11樓(敦南誠品樓上)
* Flexible work hour: You have to attend to 11am daily meeting and provide 8 hours of service.
* Labor and Health insurance.

Please send you resume, the source code, and your desired pay rate to to apply for this position.

About Us

原點科技(Blue Tang Studio) is a newly founded start-up focusing on location based service. We are building a search platform for mobile applications and web-applications.

The platform is our strategic product and will enable the internal and external customers to build new location based service within few weeks.

The are looking for talented and self-motivated people to join our team.

原點科技為一新創公司,公司的主力方向是在Location Based Service,目前正在開發搜尋平台中。


敝公司的目標正在於,建立一個雲端資料庫,提供SDK及Cloud Solution給各國的軟體公司,希望有志於軟體產品開發的人材加入。